Beamrise features


Make your web experience fun.

While using Beamrise browser, not only can you find the answers to all your inquiries, but you can also stay in touch with your buddies from other social networks. Our sidebar chat allows all our users to connect with social media platforms such as Facebook, Skype, and Google Chat, in order to communicate with your friends while on the web. Simultaneously chat with your pals while scrolling through web pages when using Beamrise chat.

new set of emoticons

Visual bookmarks

Find your favorit pages in a second

Discover the latest trends while surfing the web, and never forget the pages you visit! Stickers allows you to save any web site that you may search for, and quickly ‘Add' the site to your Beamrise history, enabling it to be saved under the bookmarks. Now, instead of searching for names under a daunting list of bookmarks, you can simply look under your visual stickers to quickly bring up the sites you wish to revisit!



Words not enough?

Have a more visual interaction by using video chat! Some things can’t simply be expressed through words. That’s why Beamrise offers video chat! Here to enhance your web experience even further, Beamrise video chat allows users to talk face-to-face with all your contacts. Be in the same room or halfway across the world and still feel an intimate connection by being able to have a visual conversation.



Add fun to your messages!

Our multiple chat functions make it easy to add fun and exciting animations to any conversation. Get creative by adding winks, emoticons, and so much more. Beamrise chat allows you to use numerous chat smileys and animations with a variety of options to choose from to express your every mood!


Beamrise text

Forgot your phone at home?

No problem! With Beamrise Text, you can still send SMS messages directly to your friends' cellphones. Whether you can't find your phone, left it somewhere across town, or simply don't feel like bothering with two devices at once, Beamrise Text is there to make your life easier! Best of all, Beamrise Text is free; no charges or fees in addition to those already charged by your carrier.



Just some (millions of) new ideas!

Discover is a new platform where you can discover new things and collect and share stuff you love. Just a few clicks to create your own web page and share it with your friends. If you find something online you want to retain and share, just stick It in your stickers space on Beamrise! Enjoy!