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Beamrise exclusive features

bolt and icons fast and secure


Lightning-fast connection!

With Beamrise, every page loads lightning-fast, so you'll be able to check out all your favorite pages more easily than ever before!


Worry-free Browsing!

Surf the web without any inhibitions knowing that Beamrise always connect you to the internet safely and efficiently.

What are people saying about Beamrise


This browser is great! I love being able to simultaneously chat and browse the web. I can easily find friends to converse with by logging into all my sites at once.

Carlos - translated from spanish

I just downloaded Beamrise and have been pleasantly surprised! It's awesome having a browser that allows me to do so much at once. Love the Stickers and Discover app!


I had always hoped someone would come up with a browser like this. It can become overwhelming sometimes to have so many tabs, chats, and video applications open at once, but this has completely solved my problems. Thanks Beamrise!


Beamrise is awesome! I mostly use it for video chat and as a search engine, but it has really come in handy. Beamrise has become my preferred browser!


I love Beamrise! All my pages are stored under stickers, a cool and effective way to keep track of your bookmarks. I really enjoy this browser and can't wait to see what more it has to offer.